What is Uber’s fare estimator and how does it work?

Do you ever plan an evening out with friends, a weekend away, or trips to the airport? If you’re the type of person who thinks ahead and likes to know what to expect, Uber has just the tool for you. There are no surprises with the fare estimator, which allows you to compare prices of trips long before you even request your ride.

Open the Uber app, type the pickup location and the destination and your estimated price will appear at the bottom of the screen. This price is based on the traffic and the hour at which you check the estimator, meaning it is subject to change depending on the availability of drivers. You can also check online to get a price estimate for a trip in any city in the world where Uber operates.

The dynamic pricing model is used by Uber when traffic is heavy and the demand for rides exceeds the number of drivers available. You’ll be notified in big bold letters when there is a price increase, and you can always choose to wait a while before leaving. You can also request to be alerted as soon as fares go back down to normal, as soon as more drivers become available. There is even the option to save money by entering a promo code when requesting your ride.

Riding with Uber is hassle-free, so you can reach your important appointments on time. If you need to pick up a friend on the way to a party, you can simply add a destination onto your trip. You can also split the Uber fare with friends, each one paying solely for their part of the journey. By splitting the fare down the middle and each paying from your own account, you won’t need to have the awkward “you owe me” conversation later.

If you’re planning a weekend away with friends, you can compare the Uber fare split between all of you to the price of petrol, renting a car, and public transport. It could turn out that Uber is the cheapest option; it’s certainly relaxed! You can budget your trip in advance with the fare estimator and your buddies will be happy to know exactly how much they’ll have left to spend on good food and drinks!

The secret to success, according to many powerful people, is preparation. The same goes for planning your transport. Arriving on time for a job interview or doctor’s appointment is non-negotiable. Planning an evening of partying also requires preparation, which is why Uber’s fare estimator is your best friend when it comes to organising travel plans.