Make a difference this Ramadan

May 24, 2017 / Jeddah

It’s that time of year when we feel like giving back, but don’t always know how.

In the spirit of the Ramadan, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Omo and Kiswat Al Sayida Aisha, to help you donate clothing to those in need.

Take some time to clean out your closets and gather gently-used clothing you no longer need and request ‘UberOMO’ any weekday during Ramadan between 5pm – 10pm. We’ll collect your clothing donation for free and they will be donated to families in need.

Request a collection

  • Bag your shirts, pants, blouses, and other clothing items
  • Open the Uber app from 5pm--10pm weekdays during Ramadan
  • Request UberOMO at the bottom of the screen
  • An Uber driver-partner will arrive to collect your donations and drop them off Collection of your gently used clothes is completely FREE

Donate in person:

You can also drop off your donation in person at collection points in Jeddah. To make it easier, we’ll even cover 50% of your ride there and back on weekends during Ramadan with code UberOmoJED. In-person donations can be made through June 15th. Here are the locations in Jeddah:

  • Red Sea Mall
  • Aya Mall
  • HyperPanda (Andalus Mall, Roshan Mall, Briman, Sary)

The details:

  • We can only accept clothing donations if they’re bagged
  • Our partner-drivers can’t leave their cars unattended, please meet them curbside with your donations
  • While you probably have other great items to donate, we’re only accepting clothing for this drive

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