Uber and AlTibbi Partnership

February 22, 2017 / Saudi Arabia

Our goal is to always offer our partner-drivers services that help in making their lives easier. We are excited to announce a partnership with AlTibbi, an online medical mobile application, to connect Uber partner-drivers with on-demand doctors.

AlTibbi application allows partner-drivers to connect with a selection of certified doctors, and get round-the-clock affordable medical consultations over the phone. This gives partner-drivers access to safe and effective medical care from the comfort of their homes, without the need to visit a hospital and wait long hours to address medical inquiries they might have.

Through the app, partner-drivers will be able to get on-demand quick medical advice, to address medical conditions, and if possible give them the needed instructions on best next steps.

The AlTibbi app will be available to partner-drivers in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. This will first launch with a pilot phase in some cities to a limited number of partner-drivers, before being available in all three markets.