AI, Backend, Engineering, Mobile
Uber’s Real-Time Document Check

June 9 / Global

Backend, Engineering
Data Race Patterns in Go

June 2 / Global

USL – Uber’s Unified Signup and Login Stack

May 26 / Global

Better Load Balancing: Real-Time Dynamic Subsetting

May 17 / Global

Backend, Engineering
Dynamic Data Race Detection in Go Code

April 28 / Global

Data / ML, Engineering
Presto® on Apache Kafka® At Uber Scale

April 14 / Global

Data / ML, Engineering
Securing Kafka® Infrastructure at Uber

April 7 / Global

Backend, Engineering
Uber’s Emergency Button and The Technologies Behind It

March 31 / Global

Avoiding CPU Throttling in a Containerized Environment

March 22 / Global

Data / ML, Engineering
One Stone, Three Birds: Finer-Grained Encryption @ Apache Parquet™

March 10 / Global

Introducing Ballast: An Adaptive Load Test Framework

March 1 / Global

AI, Backend, Data / ML, Engineering, Mobile
Introducing Carbon Feed for Earners: The One-Stop Info Shop

February 16 / Global

AI, Data / ML
DeepETA: How Uber Predicts Arrival Times Using Deep Learning

February 10 / Global

AI, Data / ML, Engineering
Project RADAR: Intelligent Early Fraud Detection System with Humans in the Loop

February 1 / Global

Backend, Data / ML, Engineering
Cost Efficiency @ Scale in Big Data File Format

January 25 / Global

AI, Data / ML, Engineering
Capacity Recommendation Engine: Throughput and Utilization Based Predictive Scaling

January 19 / Global

Data / ML, Engineering
The New Version of Orbit (v1.1) is Released: The Improvements, Design Changes, and Exciting Collaborations

January 11 / Global


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