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GenesisCare + Uber for Business: Reliable rides for patient appointments

December 9, 2020 / New Zealand

GenesisCare, a leading provider of oncology services around the globe, that operate in more than 36 cancer treatment centres across Australia. They use the latest technology and techniques to ensure their patients get the best possible treatment for cancer and heart disease. With centres located in both metropolitan and rural settings, transportation to appointments can sometimes be a challenge for their patients.

“Some of our treatment centres are located in areas with minimal public transport options. For example, a trip that should take 15 minutes from the Northern Beaches area outside of Sydney can take an hour and a half,” says Jenny Kim, Centre Leader. “This can be especially challenging for our patients who need daily radiation treatment.”

With this in mind, GenesisCare worked with Uber for Business to bring patients to and from appointments in a reliable and convenient way. Their staff use the Uber platform to book transportation for patients to and from appointments, and the flexibility and convenience has been a hit with patients. For those who need it, the Uber Assist product also features drivers trained to give special assistance to riders.

The company even offers patients packages that include rides through the Uber platform and accomodation. As their popularity increased, GenesisCare tailored the packages for rural patients and those travelling from out of state. Some patients travel more than 100km outside of Sydney for treatment. 

“The Uber for Business platform has been essential to getting our patients across both local and rural Australia to and from their home to their appointments at our hospitals and other treatment centres. It’s a reliable and convenient door-to-door service to provide to our patients and community.”

Jenny Kim, Centre Leader, GenesisCare

“Many of our patients can’t drive for health or financial reasons, and navigating public transport in a new city can be difficult. They have been so relieved to hear we can help them book reliable transportation with the Uber platform, and that the rides can be scheduled ahead of time.”

Patients do not need a smartphone or the Uber app to get a ride to an appointment. Using the Uber for Business dashboard, GenesisCare staff members are able to automatically send patients ride details via text, and rides can be booked at the same time an appointment is.

Benefits to GenesisCare include:

  • Reliable transportation for patients to and from appointments 
  • A seamless, easy-to-use solution for employees booking appointments
  • Convenient door-to-door service for their patients

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