Driver Announcements

Updating rates to better value your time

July 17, 2019 / Auckland

We’re trialling a new rate structure in Auckland to make your earnings better reflect the time you spend on a trip, regardless of where that trip takes you.

From 23 July to 16 September, you’ll earn a higher per-minute rate and a lower per-kilometre rate. This means your earnings will be more reflective of the time you put in on trips. In particular, we expect that this will help you earn a little more on trips when you’re stuck in traffic.

Why are we making this change?

With the existing rate structure, driver-partners’ earnings can vary based on what type of trip they are matched with (short or long) and traffic. The goals of this trial are to give you more confidence that every trip is worth your time – even when you’re stuck in Auckland traffic – and to help create more consistent earnings from trip to trip.

Before the end of the trial, we’ll be reaching out to get your feedback on this change.

What are the new rates for the trial period?

New time rate
New distance rate
Old time rate
Old distance rate

Example Trips

Trip 1
Mt.Albert to CBD
Weekday at 8am
Trip 2
Within Albany
Saturday at 7pm
Trip 3
Ponsonby to Airport
Weekday at 5am
Trip Time &
22 min &
8.3 km
8 min &
4.6 km
24 min &
25.9 km
Example upfront fare
with new rates
Example upfront fare
with old rates

*Example upfront fares shown above include the per-minute rate and per-kilometre rate as well as the booking fee and base fare. Uber’s service fee has not been removed.

How this change makes your earnings more consistent

With the new rate structure, your earnings will reflect how long you spent driving on trips regardless of whether you received trips that took you to the other side of town or just a few blocks away.