Uber Safety in Lagos

March 20, 2015 / Nigeria

We know safety is always top of mind, so we just wanted to remind you why Uber is a safe and efficient way to get around Lagos.


Uber’s innovative technology means we’re streets ahead of our rivals on safety. For riders, Uber connects users with safe transportation on-demand, wherever and whenever they choose, at the touch of a button. The seamless experience means never having to worry about finding a ride or having cash, and most importantly, users know who their driver is before getting in the car.

Riders and partner drivers benefit from the following high standard safety measures, designed to improve reliability and rider journeys.


Driver Application Process

Drivers require a Drivers License and in order to qualify they need to be fit, can never have had their drivers’ license revoked and obtain a police clearance certificate. Drivers also need to undergo a vehicle inspection and comprehensive background checks.


Nobody’s a Stranger

Uber riders can see their drivers photo, name, vehicle type and registration as well as the driver’s star rating when booking – providing riders with all the information they need to ensure a safe and secure ride before even stepping into the car. Drivers can also see the rider’s first name before they hop in.


No Hailing

The Uber app automatically pinpoints your location to provide true door-to-door service. No more waiting in the dark on a side of a street!


Share Your ETA

Let friends and family follow your route and know when to expect you. Once the driver has picked you up, select Share ETA from the menu and we’ll create a text message with a link to your trip. Then just hit send. Your friends and family will now be able to track your trip in real-time.


Always on the Map

Uber uses a live GPS enabled map and can provide information about your trips if there is an issue.


Risk-Free Transactions

Fares are charged automatically to the rider’s bank card – so drivers and riders never have to deal with the risk or hassle of carrying cash and providing change.


Anonymous Feedback

After every trip, we ask you to rate the driver and provide feedback (anonymously) about your ride. We are constantly monitoring this feedback to maintain the quality of the service and help drivers improve the Uber experience they deliver. Drivers are also able to rate the riders.



From the moment you get into any Uber product to the moment you’re dropped off, your ride is covered by insurance. That goes for every trip in every city around the world.