Pro Tips: Your Payments Questions Answered

December 23, 2015 / Nigeria

What card can I use on the Uber platform?

All MasterCards, Visa, JCB, Diners and Amex cards are accepted on the platform.

How can I add a payment method?

Updating your payment information is really simple. We have outlined the steps below to get you going:

  • Tap the account button in the top left corner of your Uber app
  • Tap ‘Payment’
  • Tap ‘Add Payment’
  • Fill in your card information and save

You can also add a payment method through the Uber website. Visit and follow these easy steps:

  • Sign into your account
  • Click the Payment tab on the left
  • Click the blue plus symbol on the right to add a new bank card
  • Add your info, and hit save

I tried to signup but could not register my payment card?

Given Uber’s international structure, some bank cards may not be authorised to process international transactions. Please reach out to your bank to confirm the status of your card and if there are any restrictions on international payments. Once you do so, you should hopefully be able to ride!

I signed to to Uber and I got charged?

That charge is the authorisation hold we use to verify that your credit card is valid from time to time. Once the charge is put into pending on your account, it is voided by our payment system. You will **not be charged** for that amount at all.

We authorise your cards to better protect against fraud that may result from unauthorised payment card usage. If you would like to confirm that a specific item on your statement is a pre-authorisation, you can contact your bank directly. You can find more information on this here

Why are my bank debits higher than what is shown in the Uber receipt?

Given Uber’s international structure – our merchant account is not based locally and therefore some banks add an international transaction fee when their cardholder makes a purchase. Uber has no control over whether your bank chooses to add such a fee. While this isn’t an optimal experience, we do recommend exploring different bank cards to help avoid or reduce these fees.

Our intent is to be as transparent as possible, , you’ll notice we have a disclaimer at the bottom of your trip receipt that reads: *”Fare does not include fees that may be charged by your bank. Please contact your bank directly for inquiries.“*

I got charged twice for my trip?

This is definitely not ideal and we will be happy to look into it for you.

Please note that sometimes bank alerts could be duplicates or delayed alerts for a previous trip. We recommend that you take a look at your actual bank statement to verify the presence of the duplicate charges. If you can indeed identify a duplicate, please send an email to so we can look into it for you as soon as possible.

Additionally, if a trip fare doesn’t process correctly the first time we attempt, an authorisation hold is then placed on the account for the fare amount. We will attempt a second time and if this goes through, the initial authorisation hold is voided and will drop off your statement within a week, depending on your bank.

Why is there an outstanding balance on my account?

After every trip, we attempt to take payment from the bank card saved on your Uber account. If this attempt does not go through, it leaves an outstanding balance and you will need to clear this before taking another ride.

Don’t worry, clearing the balance is easy! All you need to do is sign in to your Uber account at and from there you can update your payment methods and take care of any unpaid fares.

I didn’t take a ride and I was debited?

We only charge for a trip taken on your account. We do see that payments alerts can occasionally be delayed and hit your bank statement on a later date after the trip was taken. This may then look like a random charge. We recommend that you take a look at your bank statement to identify if it applies to a previous trip.

If you are unable to do so, please send an email to so we can look into it for you.

I am unable to request an Uber because my card has been deemed invalid?

We have seen that some banks have placed a hold on international payments which could be why you are seeing this message. We do recommend that you get in touch with your bank to understand if this is the case.

Why am I being charged in Dollars?

Globally, we charge in the national currency of each country. In Nigeria, we present in Naira which is what you see in your Uber receipt.

Our interaction with Nigerian Banking institutions is based on our international structure so in some cases, some banks may present your bill in dollars or include international fees which are specific to the bank. In this situation, we do recommend that you reach out to your bank to understand their process.

What happens with the current restriction on international transactions?

We have seen some banks have placed restrictions on their cards with regards international payments and cash withdrawals abroad. Given our international structure, some riders may be impacted by this. If the following message [your credit card ending xxxx has been deemed invalid. Please update your billing settings] appears when you attempt to request a vehicle, we do recommend that you reach out to your bank to verify if your access to international payments has been restricted.

You can always add another payment method, on your Uber profile, with unaffected banks in order to be able to ride again.

It is important to note that while some banks may not have banned all international usage, they may have placed a daily limit on the international use of their cards.  We do recommend you reach out to your bank to verify.

Happy Riding!

Team Uber Lagos