Drive your way to a reduced service fee

September 16, 2019 / Nigeria

To say thank you for choosing Uber, we have introduced a driver incentive that gives you the chance to optimise your earnings each week.

When you complete 20 trips within a single week, your service fee is reduced to 3% on any subsequent trips in the same week. So you can earn a little more for going the extra mile.

How does it work?

Complete 20 trips and benefit

The week begins at 4am every Monday. Every trip completed after this time will count towards reaching the 20 trip threshold.

Hard work pays

Once the 20 trip threshold is reached, your service fee is reduced to 3% for the rest of the week.

Reset the clock

You will benefit from the reduced service fee until Monday at 3:59am. After this the trip count will reset and the standard service fee will be reapplied.

Frequently Asked Questions