Introducing Uber VIP – Premium Rewards For Top Riders

April 26, 2016 / Nigeria

IMG_6640We’re excited to announce the launch of UberVIP – a monthly rewards program for our top riders in Lagos! As a VIP rider, you’ll be paired with top driver-partners, top quality cars and get priority access to exclusive offers and discounts!

Whether you Uber to the airport, to work, for a night out or to run errands – we want to reward you for it. VIP riders will have a high star rating, completed a certain number of trips on the Uber platform – you will be notified once you do 🙂 – and will enjoy all the exclusive perks we have to offer.

We will notify you once you qualify for VIP through email and the VIP option will become visible in your app.

Here’s how to VIP:

  1. Take 10 rides in Lagos from the first of the month.
  2. Receive access to an exclusive VIP option in your Uber app.
  3. Enjoy elevated service, exclusive giveaways, and more!
  4. Keep riding (at least 10 times/month) to keep your VIP status – we’ll keep you updated on your progress.
  5. Remain a 5 star rider to keep your VIP status




A special UberVIP option in the app which allows you request the highest-rated driver-partners and top cars on the road. 



Receive exclusive offers, giveaways, and early access to Uber promotions  – free dinner anyone?



Stay connected to all things Uber with a monthly newsletter filled with exclusive events and discounts.

VIP has no additional cost. Rates are the same as uberX. There are less VIP vehicles on the road, so wait times may be a bit longer.  To keep your VIP active within your app, you must complete 10 rides per month and maintain the required rating. VIP will automatically be added to your account at the end of every month and you will be notified.