Help maximise your appeal with a promotion

October 15, 2020 / Ireland

Give customers more reasons to order your food by offering promotions.

Most restaurants running a promotion see an increase in orders. You can easily customise a promotion of your own to help gain the attention of customers, and meet your restaurant’s goals in the Uber Eats app.

Promotions can help you:

Reach new customers
When setting up a promotion, you can target new customers exclusively, boosting your reach and attracting those who’ve never tried your food before.

Stand out in the app
Customers will see your promotion in the Uber Eats app as they scroll and search – both in your restaurant card and menu. Some customers will even see your promotion in the ‘Special Offers’ carousel or the ‘Latest Deals’ category.

Encourage bigger basket sizes
Taking your average basket size into account, you can nudge customers to spend a little extra in order to unlock your promotion and save.

Enhance your customer targeting
Choose the audience who can see your promotion, for example, all Uber Eats users in your area, or previous customers that have stopped ordering from your business. You can incentivise customers who have already tried your food to order and enjoy again, or entice customers to reorder.

Differentiate yourself
When competition is fierce, a promotion can set your restaurant apart – encouraging new and returning customers to choose your business over the rest.

How it works

1. Create Promotion
Navigate to Restaurant Manager, and then the “Marketing” section to begin creating your promotion

2. Set Schedule
Select the dates and time of day you’d like to run your promotion

3. Select Promotion
Spend more, save more
Create a loyalty program
Free item with purchase
Save on menu items

4. Select Target Audience
Choose to run an offer for new customers only or with all customers in your delivery area

5. Set Budget
Set the maximum budget to run for this promotion.

We’ll email you a report showing these performance metrics the week after your promotion period ends so you can see the impact it made to your business.

  • Total # New Customers
  • Total Promotions Redeemed
  • % New Customers
  • Total Sales

Or you can check out your promotion’s performance in Restaurant Manager.