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We arrived at the Croatian coast with a weekend of free rides!

June 2, 2016 / Croatia

Today, we made a step towards becoming a national service in Croatia, as we launchd uberX, in Split and Dubrovnik! Now we make the Croatian coastline even better and safer for the millions of tourists visiting our country and we celebrate one of the most beautiful places in the world.

To celebrate one of the most beautiful touristic area in Europe, we will offer four days of free rides. All users, new and existing, will be able to request up to two free rides from Thursday, June 2nd, hour 11 am to Sunday, June 5th, hour 12 if they use the code BESPLATNIVIKEND.

Riders Zero in Dubrovnik and Split

Our first riders at the Croatian coast were famous TV host Iva Šulentić in Dubrovnik and lifestyle blogger Ella Dvornik in Split. Both of them shared their positive experience, they love Uber because it is simple, safe and convenient and they use it all around the world. They are both sure that locals and tourists coming to Croatia will enjoy having Uber on our coastline.



uberX will be available in Split all year long and in Dubrovnik during high season, from June to October.



Starting fare per KM Per min Minimum fare
Kuna 9 5 0.5 15
USD 1.34 0.75 0.07 2.23
EUR 1.20 0.67 0.06 2


Popular rides on the coast have a flat rate:


Ride Estimated fare in local currency Fare in USD Fare in EUR
Split – Dubrovnik (228 km) 1.500 kn 223 200
Split port – Split Airport 225 kn 34 30
Dubrovnik Pile gate – Dubrovnik Airport 180 kn 27 24
Dubrovnik Port Gruž – Dubrovnik Pile gate 55 kn 8 7.3


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