Here’s how two Super Riders spent a weekend in Cannes.

June 6, 2018 / France

Friday May 8th. 11:40. Chloé receives an email from Uber asking a simple question: “Super Rider, what would be your perfect soirée with an actor or actress?”. Chloé smiles and thinks. A romantic evening with Leo ? An escape game with Jennifer ? A walk and talk with Meryl ? And that’s how cinéma fan Chloé’s fairytale week-end in Cannes begins. 

Monday. Chloé’s phone rings. She picks up, and Uber announces that she’s won! She can’t believe it. Her best friend, Kelly, is thrilled to join her. Next stop: Cannes!



Rendez-vous on Thursday, May 10th at helipad in Nice. The weekend starts off with a bang. Chloé and Kelly take to the air and get a stunning view of Cannes from their uberCOPTER. “It’s like we’re in Top Gun,” Chloé says, her eyes taking in the sight of the French coast. Tom Cruise ain’t got nothing on you, Chloé!

Once they’re back on the ground, Chloé and Kelly head over to their hotel. An afternoon at the spa awaits them so they can relax. At the end of the day, pampered and dressed to the nines, they reach the Palais des Festivals and its famous red carpet staircase for the avant-première of  Plaire, Aimer, Et Courir Vite by Christophe Honoré.

Afterwards, Chloé and Kelly describe the director and his team’s reactions: “It was moving to see their reaction when they had seen the audience’s reaction…We’ll come back when we have a film to present to the jury!”

Next on their busy schedule? A VIP party organized by Magnum, where the Super Riders partied until early morning with stars like Bella Hadid and Alexander Wang. No big deal!

Ce soir, c’est elles, les stars !

The next day, they head out to happy hour on the Croisette and enjoy dinner at Park 45, a Michelin starred restaurant at the Grand Hôtel de Cannes. What better way to end the weekend in style?

Red carpet. Celebrities. Cinema. After 3 days spent in the sun , it’s time to head back to Paris. One last helicopter transfer in an uberCOPTER and Chloé and Kelly are off to the airport in Nice, stars in their eyes! But it’s only the beginning of their adventures in Cannes. As Chloé would say, the pair will be back when they have a film to present in Cannes. We can’t wait!

Tapis rouge !

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