Celebrating 4 Years in Toronto

March 15, 2016 / Toronto

March 16, 2016 marks our 4th year in Toronto. On this anniversary, let’s take a look at where we’ve been and—more importantly—where we’re going together.

In the past 4 years, we’ve taken nearly 16 million trips together. We’ve rode with the windows down to catch a summer breeze and kept you warm during the dead of winter. We’ve re-discovered our city while riding to school, work, dinners, meet-ups, championship games, weekend adventures, and home at the end of it all.

And there’s still more to come…


1- Distance Travelled

Since 2012, riders and driver-partners have travelled over 122 million kilometres together–that’s over 300 trips to the moon! At the core of it all are over 15,000 driver-partners who’ve chosen to access flexible earning opportunities through ridesharing.

Driver-partners have the opportunity set their own schedules to earn additional income around their daily lives. They empower our city every day as they keep Toronto moving, and help over 500,000 riders get where they need to be.

“For me, the most important part of driving with Uber is the independence, the freedom and the flexibility of being my own boss. I love learning from the people I drive–I’m always discovering new areas and new happenings. I feel like I know my city better than ever before.”

– Hampton, Uber Driver-Partner

2 - uberPOOL Rides Shared

With the introduction of uberHOP and uberPOOL in Toronto, we’re helping put more people in fewer vehicles. Since launching in January, Torontonians have already shared over 300,000 uberPOOL rides! We want to be part of the solution by taking cars off the road, reducing congestion and lowering carbon emissions.  

3- Accessibility-5

Newly launched uberASSIST and uberWAV are at the forefront of improving access to safe, reliable rides for everyone in our city. We’ve worked closely with accessibility community leaders to bring these services to those who need them most. Today, because of these ongoing efforts, we’re proud that Toronto has become the 2nd largest provider of wheelchair accessible rides in North America for Uber.

“I’m impressed by Uber’s efforts to increase the inclusivity of their services. As someone with accessibility needs, I can attest to the importance of reliable transportation for all Torontonians regardless of accessibility requirements. With options like uberASSIST and uberWAV, we’re making huge steps towards a more inclusive and connected society.”

– Tracy Schmitt, Professional Accessibility Consultant

4 -UberEATS-2

Enter UberEATS, and hungry Torontonians now have the city’s top restaurants at their fingertips. In less than 11 months since launch, UberEATS has grown to deliver over 100,000 meals from over 150 local restaurants. It’s been a huge boost in demand for small businesses; helping connect them with new customers from across the city and ultimately create more jobs. Dig in Toronto!

“UberEATS and Uber Instant Delivery has increased Pukka’s revenue by 20%. To keep up with the demand, we had to hire two more employees. The domino effect from the increase in sales is endless.”

– Harsh Chawla & Derek Valleau, Co-Owners of Pukka Modern Indian

We’re always innovating to ensure that residents and visitors to our city have access to safe, reliable transportation and flexible earning opportunities. It has been an incredible journey so far, and we look forward to seeing what’s yet to come.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!