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uberASSIST Frequently Asked Questions

February 24, 2016 / Toronto


Q: What sort of help can I expect from an uberASSIST driver?
A:  Drivers can help provide balance and guiding support, and will help you get from door to door. Drivers will not be able to lift or carry their passenger, or act as a care-giver in the vehicle.

Q: Can I order an uberASSIST ride for a family member or friend?
A: Absolutely. Simply set your pickup location to your friend/family member’s pickup spot. Request a ride, and then get in touch with your driver through the app to let them know they will be picking up someone else. You can then share your ETA with your friend/family member so they can track the driver’s location.

Q: How does insurance work?
A: Every ride on the Uber platform in Canada is insured. In the event of an accident during an uberASSIST trip, passengers and the public alike are covered by commercial auto liability insurance in addition to any insurance coverage maintained by the driver-partner.

Q: Is uberASSIST 24/7?
A: Yes, and you can always check for the closest available driver by opening the Uber app.

Q: What is the coverage zone?
A: Coverage will change in real time based on availability of drivers. You can open your app to see the closest available uberASSIST driver at any point in time.

Q: How big of an assistive device can UberASSIST handle?
A: uberASSIST driver-partners will be able to help load and unload assistive devices that can fit in the trunk of a normal sized sedan once folded or disassembled.

Q: Will my driver be able to fold up my wheelchair?
A:  Yes! Drivers will have an understanding of how to fold your wheelchair, but please feel free to provide specific instructions along the way.

Q: Will a guide dog or other service animal be able to ride with me?
A: Yes. All guide dogs and other service animals can ride with uberASSIST and all Uber options.

Q: What will the prices be for uberASSIST?
A: uberASSIST will be priced the same as uberX. You can get a fare estimate in the app before you ride.

Q: Will uberASSIST drivers have special certification?
A: uberASSIST driver-partners have gone through accessibility exercises, demonstrations on how to fold and unfold wheelchairs and on how to guide people with visual impairments. These drivers also have access to special learning modules to further their knowledge in this area. All uberASSIST driver-partners are also rated 4.7 and higher.

Q: Are uberASSIST driver-partners highly rated?
A: Driver-partners providing uberASSIST rides have a rating of 4.7 and higher!

Q: I have feedback on the uberASSIST product. How do I share it?
A: Be sure to leave feedback in the app after you ride. We’ll also be reaching out to gather feedback. We’re always looking to improve our products and your opinion is super important to us!

Q: Will I be able to bring additional riders on the trip with me?
A: uberASSIST rides will be able to accommodate a total of 4 riders, so yes, you can bring 3 other people along for the ride. We don’t recommend more than one rider who has an assistive device at a time due to space constraints.

Q: Are there any uberASSIST vehicles that do uberPOOL?
A: Not at this time, no.

Q: What happens if there are no cars available when I go to request?
A: Availability of rides is displayed in real time. If you don’t see an uberASSIST vehicle on the map, keep an eye on your app and check back in a few minutes.

Q: What if I need a wheelchair accessible vehicle?
A: Simply open up your Uber app, slide the vehicle selector to ACCESS, select uberWAV, and request a ride!

Q: If I live in an apartment, how will the partner know how to get into my building?
A: uberASSIST is door-to-door service but this does not extend past the front door of your home or building lobby.