Driving safe choices with MADD Canada

May 3 / Canada

Driving safe choices on shared roads

We’re proud to work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada (MADD Canada) to help fight impaired driving and make the roads safer. Having more transportation options empowers us all to make better choices.

Our commitment to Canada

In Canada, alcohol impairment is involved in over 1/3 of road fatalities. Our country has the highest figures of all nations (Source). These figures are shocking and should be a wake up call. Greater awareness of the impacts of impaired driving and more accessible safe transportation options are needed.

We also know that in 2014, almost half of impaired driving incidents reported by police occur between 11pm and 4am (Source). In many cities, transportation options are few and far between during these late hours. Yet weekend nights, when bars close and during big events, are when the most people request rides with Uber.

Together with MADD Canada and the support of Uber partners in communities across Canada, we’re committed to ensuring a safe ride is available at any time of day and to helping turn these trends around.


100,000 Thank you’s can go a long way

Thanking your driver

Whether you’re out at a holiday party or simply enjoying festivities with friends, be sure to plan your way home ahead. Everyone has the power to prevent impaired driving in our communities.

In December, we encouraged riders to say thanks to drivers who gave them a safe ride home by giving them a Compliment in their app. Of course, a kid gesture or a tip goes a long way too!

Raising $100,000 to help support MADD Canada

Once your driver drops you off and your ride is finished, open your Uber app. You’ll be asked if you’d like to rate your experience, give a Compliment to your driver, and tip your driver.

For every in-app Compliment given in December 2017 across Canada, Uber will donate $1 to MADD Canada, up to a maximum of $100,000.


Supporting MADD Canada’s new Public Service Announcement

Impaired driving affects us all. Far too often, one person’s decision to drive under the influence can result in a devastating loss for many, especially our loved ones.

We’re proud to work with MADD Canada to help make the roads safer and have supported their newest public service announcement, airing on TV in December.


MADD Canada and Tweed: 101 things to do instead

On October 17, the day cannabis became legal in Canada, we hit the streets with MADD Canada and Tweed to help stop impaired driving.

Participating riders got to experience an easier way to get a ride, with a button that helped them get to where they needed to go safely. Once in the backseat, they got to sing karaoke, watch a light show, take a nap, and lots of other fun things—because with 101 things to do instead, why drive high?

A safe ride home when you need it

There is a growing amount of research on ridesharing’s impact on impaired driving. Researchers at Temple University compared rates of alcohol-related deaths in cities before and after Uber was available. Their findings show that Uber’s presence in a city led to a 3.6%-5.6% decrease in the number of people killed in alcohol-related car crashes.

The results of a 2014 survey of Uber riders by the Benenson Strategy Group showed the availability of on-demand transportation options led people to make better, safer choices.

While we recognize there are many factors affecting impaired driving trends in a city, it’s heartening to see these incidents declining over time. We’ll continue to work with academics and organizations, like MADD Canada, to research the impact of ridesharing on impaired driving rates.

For more information on alcohol and drug presence in fatal motor vehicle crashes in Canada, read MADD Canada: Total Crash Deaths Involving Alcohol and/or Drugs in Canada, by Jurisdiction.