Now reach newer destinations with Uber Intercity

July 26, 2018 / Dhaka

Whether you are making a business trip or factory visit outside the city or heading out with your friends, or simply craving a hometown visit, you can count on Uber Intercity to get you there. With just a tap of a button, you can now plan round trips as well as one-way visits to newer locations like Mawa, Sonargaon, Jahangirnagar, Mawna, Katidiya, Bhairab Bazar, Araihazar, Munshiganj, Dohar, Paturiya, Saturiya etc along with Gazipur, Savar and Narayanganj.

With Uber Intercity, you can keep Uber’s best in class drivers and sedans for up to 10 hours. That gives you enough time to complete any pending factory visit or gather your friends and head out of Dhaka city to popular tourist areas like Bhawal National Park, Moinat Ghat, Jora Moth, Idrakpur Fort, Baliati Palace etc.

Service Area:

The service is available for pick ups starting from Dhaka metropolitan area to Gazipur, Savar, Narayanganj, Mawna, Katiyadi, Bhairab Bazar, Araihazar, Munshiganj, Mawa Ferry Ghat, Dohar, Paturia Ferry Ghat and Saturia.

How it works:

  1. Open your Uber app & enter your destination i.e Savar, Gazipur, Narayanganj, Mawna, Bhairab Bazar, Munshiganj, Mawa Ferry Ghat etc. Now you’ll be able to see the Uber Intercity option pop up on your screen
  2. Once everything looks good, tap request
    Remember, your Intercity ride is payable by cash only
  3. Tolls & parking charges if any, payable directly in cash
  4. You can keep your Uber with you for as long as 10 hours
    And off you go!

Intercity Fare Breakdown (From Dhaka city to outside Dhaka city) :

Fare breakdown Uber Intercity
Minimum Fare Tk 499
Per min charge Tk 3
Per km charge Tk 22
Cancellation fee Tk 50 (After 5 mins)

**Tk 22 per km additional surcharge is applicable after the first 10 km in case of one way drop outside Dhaka.
**No surcharge is applicable for round trips.

Intercity Return Fare Breakdown (From out of Dhaka to Dhaka city):

Fare breakdown Uber Intercity
Minimum Fare Tk 499
Per min charge Tk 3
Per km charge Tk 32
Cancellation fee Tk 50 (After 5 mins)

Sample Fare 1 | One-way trip:
Uttara-Chandra: approximate fare Tk 1,640
Distance – 30 km, if the total trip duration is 3 hours, the fare breakdown will be:
Distance Fare: 30 km * Tk 22/km = Tk 660
Time Fare: 180 min * Tk 3/min = Tk 540
Return Fare: 20 km * Tk 22/km = Tk 440
Total Fare: (Tk 660 + Tk 540 + Tk 440) = Tk 1,640
*For one-way trip additional charge of Tk 22/km is applicable after 10 km.

Sample Fare 2 | Round trip with waiting time:
Uttara-Joydebpur-Uttara: approximate cost Tk 2,320
Distance from Uttara to Joydebpur – 20 km, if the total trip duration is 3 hours, waiting time is 5 hours within the ongoing trip and the total distance traveled is 40km, the fare breakdown will be:
Distance Fare: 40 km * Tk 22/km = Tk 880
Time Fare: 480 min * Tk 3/min = Tk 1440
Total Fare: (Tk 840 + Tk 1440) = Tk 2,320

Sample Fare 3 | One-way trip from outside Dhaka:
Mawna Chowrasta – Uttara: approximate cost Tk 1,736
Distance – 43 km and the total trip duration is 2 hours, the fare breakdown will be,
Distance Fare: 43 km * Tk 32/km = Tk 1376
Time Fare: 120 min * Tk 3/min = Tk 360
Total Fare: (Tk 1376 + Tk 360) = Tk 1,736


  • What vehicles am I getting with Uber Intercity?
    Uber’s best in class sedans and highest rated drivers
  • How long can I keep my Uber Intercity for?
    Up to 10 hours. You will be charged Tk 3 per minute according to the total time you wish to keep your Uber with you
  • How is my return fare calculated?
    Your Intercity upfront fare also contains an approximate return fare for one way trip. Incase the one way trip distance is 20 km and the distance travelled outside Dhaka service areas in 10 km, the return fare for this 10 km will be calculated and added automatically in case of one way trip.
    If the trip is a round-trip, fare will be charged according to actual time and distance for the entire trip. Please know the fares shown in UFP may vary if the time or distance on actual trip is different from the time and distance considered in UFP.