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Your guide to maximising earnings and staying safe this New Year’s Eve 🥳

December 21, 2022 / Australia

As the new year draws to a close, more and more riders are heading out on beach trips, Christmas parties, and end-of-year celebrations.

We typically find that the demand for trips from riders is usually highest in December.

We’ve gathered the information below to help you make the most out of the busiest nights of the year!

Expected peak hours

Depending on where you drive, different areas are busy at different times. Expected peak hours for NYE are below:

  • Saturday, 31 Dec: 5pm – 9pm, and then 11 pm to 5 am
  • Sunday, 1 Jan: 12am – early morning

Keep in mind that there could be more road closures than usual in your city.

Your safety is our priority

With 24/7 in-app support at the tap of a finger and our Community Guidelines in place, you can drive confidently this New Year’s Eve.

Here are some quick tips to help you deal with rare issues that may arise.

Tip #1: Stay focused

There is likely to be increased traffic as we close out the year, particularly around event venues. In these conditions, it’s particularly important that all drivers on the road stay focused on driving and follow the road rules closely.

Tip #2: Practice safe pick ups and drop offs

If a rider has requested a pickup from a location you don’t feel comfortable stopping at, you can find somewhere safe to stop first on arrival, before calling your rider and directing them to where you are.

Tip #3: End the trip or go to the “Help” section of the app to reach support

In the unfortunate event that a rider is being unreasonable or disrespectful, you can simply end the trip and let them out of your vehicle.

We have a 24/7 customer support service to help you at all times while driving with the Driver app, so if you also provide feedback via the app our team will be able to respond accordingly.

Tip #4: Returning lost items

If you notice an item left behind in your vehicle, you can let us know via the app so we can help try and connect you to the rider.

Tip #5: Take regular breaks when driving on the Uber app

Driving for extensive periods of time without a break increases the risk of driving incidents related to fatigue. You can stay safe by taking regular breaks when driving this New Year’s Eve! You can monitor the number of hours you have spent online driving on the Uber app by tapping on the steering wheel icon on the home screen.

Tip #6: The Safety Toolkit is at your fingertips

In the rare event of an emergency, you can use the in-app Safety Toolkit feature to call the police. Just tap the “shield” icon to call emergency services directly from the app. 

Have questions?

During the busy holiday period, our support team is doing their very best to support you with any issues you might be facing, and greatly appreciates your patience.