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Military, Veteran, and Partner Program

Veterans embody the resiliency and passion for building towards something bigger and embracing the challenge of creating a better world that makes people thrive at Uber. Our Military, Veteran, and Partner (MVP) Program offers global opportunities for the armed forces community as you begin the next chapter in your journey—no matter where you served or supported someone who has served.

Why Uber

Great minds don’t think alike

When we reflect the diversity of the people who connect on our platform, we make better decisions that benefit the world. Our MVP Program provides career opportunities to people who bring diverse backgrounds and are up to the challenge of creating a better world.

Talent development

We don’t just want you to join Uber, we want you to grow at Uber. To help, we offer a mentorship program during onboarding, coaching and regular checkins throughout the year, and opportunities to volunteer and share your experience with prospective MVP talent.

Supportive community

Our Veterans at Uber Employee Resource Group is a global network that facilitates veteran outreach, camaraderie, and mentorship opportunities to drive community and change.

Global MVP Programs

  • For interns and entry-level talent who are close to completing a degree or have recently completed their degree (partners qualify). Learn more by reaching out to

  • Are you nearing the end of your time in the armed forces? Consider participating in Uber's SkillBridge Apprentice program to get up to 4 months of on-the-job training. Learn more by reaching out to

  • Whether a Noncommissioned or a Junior Commissioned Officer, we assist those looking to make a pivot into a mid-career position (partners qualify). Learn more by reaching out to

  • Are you a veteran, ex-military, or a partner with industry experience? Check-in with our team to learn how the MVP team can help you align your background to roles at Uber. Learn more by reaching out to

5 tips to support your transition from the armed forces to corporate life

If you’re considering making the jump from the armed forces to the corporate world, you’re in the right place. My name is Michael Pett. I’m a retired, disabled veteran of the US Army and Army National Guard and I lead Uber’s Military and Veteran’s Programs. In 2014, I made the jump from ROTC Cadre to recruiting military veterans and spouses to join the consulting industry. Today, I help veterans and partners from the armed forces, probably like yourself, find the next chapter of their careers here at Uber.


“Day-to-day experiences of serving in the armed forces and working at Uber may look different, but the skills needed to embrace those experiences are the same. That begins with the ability to manage through ambiguity––something we experience all the time here at Uber as we expand product offerings or launch new businesses."

"In addition to offering unlimited vacation for full-time employees, Uber has a military time off policy and veterans can be assured that their job security is unaffected by their armed forces obligations."

"Community matters. For support, advice, and driving change. Uber’s Veterans ERG is a global network that facilitates veteran outreach, camaraderie, and mentorship opportunities around our community.”

From the Army to Uber with Gabriela Fernandez

Gabriela Fernandez is no stranger to firsts. She’s a first-generation Mexican American. The first person in her family to go to college. And at the age of 19 she was the first person in her family to join the Army, a path she would traverse for 4 years across multiple continents. With money tight and no clear career goal in mind, Gabriela, who goes by Gabby, made the decision to trade her rural town outside of Davis, California for basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. “That was the first time I had ever been on a flight,” she says, “so that’s a small glimpse into how my life completely changed.”

“When you go from the military to civilian life, you don’t really know where you fit in or what value you bring to companies, because even though the skills are often transferable, you don’t realize that. Then I realized I have the experience, I have the knowledge, I can do this."

"Something I was taught in basic training that I never forgot is to be the first to action, meaning don’t be afraid to dive in headfirst even if you don’t know or understand one hundred percent. I try to apply that in my career when new projects arise—rather than questioning if I’m the best person to volunteer, or thinking I need to be an expert, I just raise my hand to take it on.”

"At Uber, you have the opportunity to make a difference regardless of what role you’re in or what your level is.”

Rich McNell uses his Air Force experience to grow Uber for Business

After attending the United States Air Force Academy, Rich McNell—now an Enterprise Account Executive at Uber for Business—landed as a Second Lieutenant. He served six years as a Force Support Officer with stateside assignments focusing on manpower, personnel, and welfare.

When his service ended, he moved back home to California to start a civilian career. After a brief stint selling restaurant consumables, Rich used his knowledge of business operations and sales to land a role as a Field Sales Representative. Over the next 8 years, Rich worked his way up to Vice President of Sales. It was at that point the fast-paced world of tech came calling.

“The speed and ever-dynamic environment in the tech world intrigued me and it seemed to be a logical place for me to start looking.”

When I learned about the aggressive growth goals of Uber for Business, which brings the magic of Uber to businesses everywhere, I was especially excited about this opportunity knowing that it was a priority area for the company and a team I could make significant contributions to."

"There are a lot of brilliant folks here that are helping make our mission a reality every day. I’m excited to see where these next few years take all of us."


  • Military means anyone currently serving on Active Duty or as a Guardsman, Reservist or in process of completing a commissioning program. A veteran is anyone who has satisfied their military service obligation or term of service with a discharge under conditions other than dishonorable. A Partner is anyone married to someone in the military or a veteran at the time of application.

  • The global Military, Veteran, and Partner Program partners with armed forces communities wherever Uber has a footprint. If you are serving, served, or married to someone who is serving or served, you are in the right place. We will work with you to set expectations, find the right role, and ensure you get the visibility you deserve.

  • Yes, Uber's MVP program is global.

  • Yes. Uber is both a 2022 designated Military Friendly Employer and designated Military Friendly Spouse Employer recognized by the Department of Defense.

  • Yes. In 2022, Uber was designated a Military Spouse Employment Partner recognized by the Department of Defense.

  • Yes. Depending on which country you are currently stationed or serving in, certain policies around pay and benefits may vary.

  • Yes. Uber has several resource groups that span many areas of community, culture, and diversity, including the Veterans ar Uber employee resource group. Veterans@ supports all armed forces communities regardless of whether you are an MVP or an ally. This unique group works to promote membership and engagement at Uber and inside our local communities.