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Using vouchers on Uber

If you have received a voucher to use on a ride or meal, lucky you!

You’ll need to follow a few simple steps to make sure your experience is smooth.

Interested in using vouchers for your business?

Four steps to redeem a voucher for rides

  • Update Uber app

  • Restart Uber app

  • Claim voucher

  • Review voucher details


Steps for when you’re ready to ride

  • Open your updated Uber app

  • Enter your destination

  • Voucher appears when eligible

  • Request your ride


Looking to redeem a voucher for Uber Eats?

Tips and tricks to using your rides voucher

  • The voucher is only becomes available for use within a specific time period and location, determined by the issuer. These details can be seen after the voucher has been claimed.

  • The voucher will automatically appear on the ride request screen in the payments option section. You will also be able to view your voucher by clicking into Settings, Wallet, and scrolling to the bottom to the Vouchers section.

  • Your voucher will remain on your account until its expiration, but you can choose when to use it by toggling it on and off. After you’ve entered your destination details, simply tap on the voucher within the payment method to select other payment methods.

  • No. Currently, vouchers are not valid on your business profile. Make sure you’re using any other profile besides that in order to redeem.

  • If you are having issues claiming the voucher, please reach out to the issuer to confirm that the voucher is ready to use. For all other questions, visit the help section in the menu of your Uber app.

Looking for your voucher?

If you’ve entered your destination and still don’t see your voucher, tap on the payment method section and then scroll to the bottom to toggle your voucher “on”.

If you have multiple Ride Profiles, you’ll have to tap “change” under your personal profile to view payment options.

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