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Treat your team with a food delivery for remote employees

Working remotely can be difficult. Help support your virtual team with an affordable food perk that saves time and keeps them engaged.

How companies with remote workers are using our platform

Create food delivery allowances

Give remote workers options, while staying in control. You can set daily or monthly food allowances that fit your budget.

Cover the cost of individual meals

Show you care by using Vouchers for Uber Eats. It’s perfect for one-off needs, like long video calls or virtual team building.

Surprise with gift cards

Nothing says “Great job!” like a great meal. With Uber for Business, you can send gift cards for meals or rides that never expire.

“We’re pleased to partner with Uber and help ensure employees have access to a hot meal, while supporting local restaurants.”

Nataliia Fisunenko, Recruiting Operations Coordinator, Talkable

Benefits of offering fresh food to your remote workers

Reduce turnover

Subsidized meals make your employees feel cared for and encourage team building during tough times and normal times.

Boost employee productivity

When remote employees have an easy way to get meals delivered, they’re able to focus and create more impactful work.

Promote healthy choices

Provide the comforts of the office with food options that fit every preference and specialized dietary need.

Employee wellness matters

We’ve learned that meal plans give teams much-needed time back to spend on their to-do list and to enjoy the moments that matter most.

Keep remote workers inspired

  • By implementing a food delivery program for your remote employees, you can boost employee morale, support healthier eating habits, and foster collaboration among team members, all of which contribute to a more engaged and productive workforce.

  • Yes, any employee can order food through the Uber Eats app once they are invited to join a program and set up their business profile.

  • Yes. Employers can create customized meal programs to set limits on aspects such as spending, delivery locations, and times.

  • Yes. In the Uber for Business dashboard, employers can track meal program usage and employee activity.

  • Yes. Our Vouchers solution empowers organizations to pay for Uber Eats orders fully or partially. Each employee can order their own meal using a voucher.

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