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Audio Recording

We are committed to building new technologies that help make your Uber experience safer, so you can ride and drive with confidence.

If you feel uncomfortable during your ride, you can now record the audio of the trip within the app.

Just tap the blue shield to open your Safety Toolkit and access the Record Audio option. The trip will be recorded in the app and you can choose to share it with Uber Support when you file a safety report after the trip ends.

For everyone’s safety

Riders and drivers can record audio through their app to help encourage safe, comfortable interactions on trips. By giving them this control, Uber empowers its users to monitor and report uncomfortable situations.

Designed to protect your privacy

When a rider or driver uses this feature during a ride, the audio recording will be stored and encrypted on the phone so that no one—not even the person who initiated the recording—can access it. Uber can only access it if the user opens an incident report with Uber and includes this audio file. Unless this happens, Uber cannot access any of the contents.

Help Uber investigate

We take safety reports seriously. If a user files a report with an audio file, the safety team will review it. Uber will take appropriate action in accordance with our policies.

  • No. To maintain the privacy of parties in the vehicle, the recorded content is encrypted, and neither riders nor drivers can listen to it.

  • In countries where this feature is available, riders and drivers are permitted to record a conversation they are a part of for their own safety. We strive to make the platform safer for everyone and respect the legal rights of all people. We take user privacy very seriously and limit any review of an audio recording to a dedicated safety team at Uber. If we receive a recording that is not relevant to a safety incident, we will delete it.

  • No, if you don’t submit an incident report with the recording attached, Uber has no access to the recording.

  • No. The phone will take over the microphone and recording will automatically stop. You’ll have to start recording again on your own after the call.

  • No, Uber is not listening as the recording is happening. Uber also cannot listen to the recording unless the user includes it with an incident report.

  • No, other parties in the vehicle will not be notified at the time of recording. In some markets, riders will be notified of the possibility of recording when matched with a driver.

  • In most countries, users are notified of the Audio Recording feature without having to take any action. This is the case in Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay. Because of a local regulatory requirement, users in Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and El Salvador must acknowledge that recording may occur while taking trips on the Uber platform.

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Driver safety

Count on 24/7 support and emergency assistance. Share your trip with loved ones. Our focus is on your safety so you can focus on the opportunity.

Rider safety

Millions of rides are requested every day. Every rider has access to safety features built into the app. And every ride has a support team if you need them.