Uber Announces Partnership to Increase Transportation Access in Tampa Bay

February 22, 2016 / Tampa Bay
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Uber and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) announced a “first mile, last mile” partnership today to bring the convenience of Uber to public transportation.

“By helping to bridge the gap on the first and last mile for commuters, this innovative public-private partnership will compliment and extend the reach of the existing transportation infrastructure in the region and open up more opportunities in the community.” – Christine Mitchell, General Manager for Uber in Tampa Bay.

The new program, called Direct Connect, allows riders to use Uber in Pinellas Park to travel within a specific geographic zone to or from a series of designated stops. From there, riders can connect with the regular PSTA public transit bus system. On the return trip, they can use Uber to travel from the designated stop back home or to work (within the zone).

“Once we make it easy for someone to get to the bus stop, riding the bus becomes a real transportation alternative,” – Brad Miller, CEO for the PSTA. With this unique partnership, the PSTA will pay half the cost of any trip costing up to $6. Any trip costing more than $6 will be $3 off.


  1. Open app and choose the PSTA option
  2. Request your ride to or from the designated PSTA areas