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The Georgia Hands-Free Act

June 5, 2018 / Georgia

On July 1, 2018, a new state law addressing distracted driving goes into effect in Georgia. As part of this new law, many cell phone interactions are now illegal while operating a vehicle. Because being an Uber partner does require use of your phone while out on the road, here’s a closer look at what the new state law no longer allows and how this could apply to you.

What’s prohibited

  • Physically holding a phone with any part of your body. This includes resting the phone in your lap.
  • Writing, sending, or reading any text-based communication (excluding navigation and text-to-voice audio).

If convicted by the state, violators face a $50 fine for the first offense, $100 fine for the second offense, and $150 for third and subsequent violations.

What’s allowed

  • A one-touch motion to dial, answer, or end a call
  • Use of a GPS or mapping app
  • Use of a Bluetooth device or headset

Pro tip

In addition to utilizing a phone mount and wireless headset, you can communicate with riders within the Driver app either hands-free or with one tap.

Incoming messaging from riders sent through the app will be read aloud when voice navigation is enabled. You can then respond with a quick tap of a “thumbs up” button.

Phone mounts

Using a phone mount can help you stay “hands-free” while behind the wheel, and is encouraged for all partners on the platform in Georgia.

We’ve partnered with Bracketron to offer Uber edition phone mounts at 60% off of regularly priced mounts with promo code UBGEORGIA18.

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