Uber and the Macomb County Clerk Provide Free Rides to Jury Duty

June 29, 2015 / Detroit

At Uber, we’re committed to creating innovative solutions to improve the communities we serve.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Macomb County Clerk, offering all jurors free* round-trip transportation to the courthouse. Now, the ride to jury duty can be as simple as a tap on the app.

“The right to a jury of your peers is fundamental to our democracy, and Uber is helping Macomb County put innovation into the justice system to safeguard this right. Uber’s technology connects jurors with safe rides, frees up parking in the city, and creates an opportunity for Macomb County residents to earn extra income by driving jurors to court to do their civic duty.” Carmella Sabaugh, Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds

This pilot program will run for 60 days, with the costs covered by Uber, and at no cost to the county budget. The goal of the program is to encourage civic participation by providing reliable transportation options for jurors.

“Uber believes that getting a safe and affordable ride should be an option for everyone, everywhere. If we are able to come together as a community to minimize transportation deserts, civic participation will grow. We are excited to be a part of this pilot project and look forward to protecting and encouraging the democratic process in Macomb County.” Mike White, General Manager of Uber Michigan.

Working together, we can continue making a positive impact in Detroit and across Michigan.


*Two rides up to $20 to and from the Macomb County Courthouse, which covers the cost of a trip to court for most jurors.