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Executive rides made easy

Executive assistants (EAs) can plan transportation for executives in a few steps with a delegate profile on the Uber app. Easily handle schedule changes, simplify expensing, and save time on requesting rides.

Request premium rides for executives

Bill directly to the executive’s payment method

Both EA and executive can edit trips or add stops at any time

Contact the driver to find a lost item

Start a 3-way chat with the Uber driver

Get receipts of trips booked as a delegate

Delegates can be only added to business profiles. Join your organization's Uber account or create your business profile here.

How executives can add EAs to their business profile

1. Select the Account icon in the Uber app, then select Wallet

2. Choose a business profile and select "Add a delegate".

Delegates can be only added to business profiles. Learn more and verify here.

3. Add the EA’s contact information and invite them to the account

Another way to add an EA

Scan the QR code using your mobile phone, then follow steps 2 and 3 above.

How EAs can request rides for executives

Delegates will receive an email notification when added to an executive’s profile. A delegate profile will then be created automatically in the Uber app, allowing the EA to immediately manage rides for the executive. Follow these steps to request and manage a ride:

Request a ride

Enter the executive’s pickup and dropoff locations.

Confirm the ride using a delegate profile

Choose a ride option, then select the delegate profile as the payment method. Delegates added to multiple profiles can easily switch the payment method for a ride as needed.

Track and monitor the ride

Track rides, view driver and vehicle information, and get the estimated dropoff time. Contact the driver if needed.

Edit the ride

Change in plans? Edit the location or add stops anytime.

Access the receipt

The executive and the EA will each receive the receipt of the ride booked by the delegate, via email.

Having trouble?

Visit our help center for more guidance.

Delegates will be able to request trips for riders in certain markets and locations only. See the Uber app for availability.

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