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Welcome to Uber for Business

Getting started with an employee travel program is easy. This guide will provide you the resources you need to get your team using Uber.

3 steps for a successful launch

Get your team up and running now.

Setup your account

Complete your account setup by verifying your work email address, adding your payment method, and configuring your travel programs. Optionally, visit the settings section and enter your company details for accurate invoicing.

Announce the program

Inform your team about Uber for Business. Highlight benefits and provide setup instructions via an announcement email, internal communication channels, and your travel pages. Proactively announcing the program has shown 5x more successful adoption rates.

Invite your team

Only the people you invite can ride on your account. To invite your team, add individuals one-by-one or in bulk via CSV. Once uploaded, your team will automatically receive an invitation to join the Uber for Business account.

Employee experience

This is what your Uber for Business set up will look like for your team.

Receive announcements

The company-wide announcement you sent drives awareness and adoption and helps riders to understand the benefits of your Uber account. A company endorsement also ensures that riders know that the invitation email is not spam.

Accept their invitation

When you add employees to your Uber for Business account, they will receive a simple email from Uber, letting them link their account.

Using their Company Profile

Once they click to accept their invitation, they will be asked to login to their existing Uber account, or if they don't have one to create a new one. After loggin in, Uber will automatically create a Company Profile in their Uber app. Invited and linked employees can now choose the Company Profile when riding for business.

Using your new account

Get the most value from integrating Uber into your company with these tools.

إدارة الأشخاص

In the dashboard, admins have access to a suite of tools for managing their team roster. Here they can add and remove people, create groups, and resend pending invitations to people who have yet to activate.

Create travel programs

Set up travel programs to enable business travel, commuting, customer travel, late-night travel, and much more. You can assign specific travel programs to different groups of people.

Monitoring team Uber activity

Once riders are activated, you can monitor your team's trip activity in the dashboard. In the Activity tab, admins can download trip activity by date in CSV format. Admins can also flag a trip to request more information from a rider if a trip does not look like it should have been charged to the company.

Automate Uber for Business with SFTP

Automate your team roster, transactional data, and expense information with real-time syncing to your Uber for Business account. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about manually managing access to your account and data.

Manage your expense codes

Import your expense codes directly into Uber. With just an extra tap, automatically attribute your ride to the appropriate client or cost center.

Courtesy rides with Uber Central

Need to book rides for a customer or client? Visit this step-by-step onboarding guide to get your organization moving with Uber Central.

Need more help? Talk to Uber

We have dedicated business support. Email us at, and someone will get back to you shortly.