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Vehicle owner and driving

Johannesburg and Pretoria
You own or are planning to purchase a vehicle(s) and you want to drive for yourself? See how you can make this happen!
Vehicle owner and driving

Complete your profile

1. Add your vehicle

The vehicle on-boarding process has been amended to prioritize vehicle based on the date of sign up.

Therefore it is no longer necessary to join the waiting list yourself, as you will be automatically entered based on the date of sign up to Uber.

2. Upload your documents

Upload your PrDP to your profile.

Complete your Driver screening and certification session.

There are a few additional steps to become an active driver-partner eg. a Screening check and certification session. Find out how to complete them HERE

3. Go ahead from Uber

When you reach the top of the waiting list, you will be notified by Uber. After this load your vehicle documents and start driving!

Can I drive for someone else?

While you are waiting to add your vehicle to the platform, you can start driving for someone else.

You can request this through the driver-partner change form below. Select the option:

"I am a driver looking to move to a new partner BUT do not have a new partner to drive for yet. I want to be on the list of drivers for partners to employ."


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