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Onboarding process

How to complete your profile
At Uber, we see safety as one of the pillars of our services. To assure safety is maintained at all time, we have introduced various actions which provide safety to both our driver-partners and riders. One of these actions is requiring all driver-partners to pass an driving competency test and screening session.

Steps to complete

1. Upload your PrDP

After your PrDP has been approved, you will be able to book your driving competency test and screening session.

2. Book your appointment

You are required to make a booking in order to secure an appointment at the Uber Greenlight Hub for onboarding.

3. Attend your appointment

Once you confirmed your booking, you can attend the session. Upon arrival, you will be informed of the process.

What to take with:

  • Your valid PrDP
  • R300 cash to cover the cost of all your onboarding requirements. Eg. Screening check, Driving evaluation etc.

Once you complete all the required steps your driver-partner profile will be activated.

I received a "Hit" on my screening session

Expungement process

Uber is committed to safety. If you have received a "Hit" on your screening check, you will need to get the hit removed from your name through the expungement process.

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