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Delivering multiple orders

Picking up multiple orders gives you opportunities to make more money. There are 2 ways to deliver multiple orders: you can either pick up orders from the same restaurant or pick up orders from different restaurants.

How multi-restaurant trips work

1. During your first order pickup, if there's another order at a restaurant nearby, you'll get a notification. Feel free to accept or decline the second order.

2. If you accept the second order, you'll have access to suggested directions to that restaurant location for pickup.

3. Once you've completed your first delivery, you can head to the second delivery location to finish your multi-restaurant trip.

How fares are calculated

As with single orders, your fare is based on pickups, time, distance, and dropoffs.

When picking up orders from more than one restaurant, a multiplier may be applied, depending on the distance between restaurants. See how multipliers are calculated here.

Questions from courier partners

  • There's a possibility that an order you accept gets canceled by the restaurant, the customer, or the Uber support team. If an order gets canceled after you pick it up from a restaurant, you will receive the full fare that includes the estimated pickup fee, dropoff fee, and distance fee.

    The distance fee is calculated as the estimated distance traveled from the restaurant to the dropoff location as determined by the app's suggested route.

    When an order gets canceled, the order disappears from your app and returns you to the home screen. In these instances, it’s up to you to dispose of the food however you want.

  • If you’re unable to find the customer when delivering, you can try calling them. If they don’t answer, you can tap the banner that appears to indicate that they didn’t answer. This will send them a notification, and a timer will begin.

    If they don’t contact you by the time the countdown runs out and you follow the prompts to end the delivery, you’ll still get paid for the first delivery and it won’t affect your cancellation rate. You’ll get paid for your second order when you complete the delivery.

  • No, the app currently doesn’t have the functionality to opt you out of receiving batched trip requests. However, you can decline to accept or cancel any trip request, including batched trip requests.

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