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Opportunity for all

Accessibility matters

Features that allow people to track rides, send text alerts, and request specially equipped vehicles for their needs help make the products available on our apps more accessible.

Solutions for riders who use wheelchairs

Economic opportunities for people who are deaf

Independence for older adults

Features designed to enhance senior living

With better mobility options, with or without a smartphone, the Uber platform can help older riders extend their independence and stay connected to friends, family, and healthcare providers.

Request a ride for a loved one

The app lets people request rides and pay for them on behalf of others. So no matter where your loved ones need to be (and where you’re located), a reliable ride is just a few taps away.

Partnering with local senior centers

Senior centers across the US can provide better transportation service to their residents through our specialized app, Uber Central.

Providing income opportunities

The Uber platform is a financial lifeline for millions of people around the world. Whether it’s to help fund their business, support their family, or make a little bit extra on the side, Uber makes it easy to make money.