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The road is yours with Uber Rent

Whether it’s a vacation getaway or just a day around town, go to the Uber app to find the right car for you—with rentals powered by Uber partners.





在预约的时间前往租车地点。取车时,请带上您的驾照和信用卡。前往租车地点的优步行程可享 $10 的优惠。**

Return your vehicle

Once you’re done with your rental, return the vehicle to the location indicated in your reservation.







*For a limited time only to users who have booked their rental on Uber Rent and who request a ride to a rental pickup location in the United States for the date noted in their confirmation email. Maximum ride credits of $10 per ride. Maximum of one ride per month. Discount does not apply to surcharges, tolls, or tips and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change.

Uber is not responsible for the products and/or services offered by third parties or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered. Uber is not a car rental broker or insurer/insurance intermediary. Uber will also provide the third parties with the data to enable use of their products and services, and features that improve the user experience, including users’ country of residence, currency, and language, subject to Uber’s Privacy Notice.