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Go with your group on a bus using Uber Charter

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Create and submit your trip booking online or in the Uber app. You’ll get upfront pricing, plus the ability to pick vehicle and amenity options.

Once you’ve reviewed all trip details, tap or click on Submit booking. After your booking is confirmed, you'll receive an email update and your payment method will be charged.

If you have any questions, please visit the Uber Charter FAQ or contact your dedicated agent (open your itinerary for that contact information).








Choose from luxurious charter buses, passenger vans, coaches, shuttle buses, and more. 



Limo bus 1

Limo bus 2

Passenger van


让乘客尽情享用各种功能与设施,包括 USB 端口、环抱式皮革座椅、环绕音响系统、高级照明和高速无线网络等。







District of Columbia





  • Uber Charter lets you book high-capacity group rides in vehicles seating 14-55 passengers, such as limo buses, luxury vans, and coach buses. If your group is smaller than 14 people, you’ll have more room to spread out. If your group has more than 55 people, you’ll need to create an additional booking(s) depending on the group size.

    When you book with Uber Charter, you’ll receive upfront pricing, plus the ability to select vehicles and amenities that meet your needs. Bookings can be made 48 hours to 8 months before your trip start date.

    Please note: vehicle graphics and images are representative of the vehicle type, but do not reflect specific make, model, color, or configuration. For specific requests, such as vehicle color, please include a note in your booking.You will receive an update on the status of your request before your booking is finalized.

  • 优步包车已在美国推出。要查看此项服务是否在某个特定地区提供,请访问优步应用中的“优步包车”主页,或点击此页面顶部获取报价并预订,然后输入行程的起始位置。您也可以参阅此页面上的服务覆盖地区列表。

    1. 进入优步应用并轻触“包车”图标,或点击此页面顶部的获取报价并预订。(注意:您需要登录优步账号才能获取报价。)
    2. 选择新行程 ,然后输入上车地点和目的地的详细信息。
    3. 输入活动类型、活动描述和乘客人数。
    4. 选择车辆类型和车内设施。
    5. 确认行程信息并选择提交订单
  • 根据行程安排以及您选择的车辆类型和车内设施,行程费用可能会有所不同。

    您收到优步包车报价时看到的价格包括所有车辆使用税费、司机费用、保险费、路桥费和油费,以及 $25 的优步包车预约费。您可能需要支付额外费用,具体取决于停车费率(如有)、供应商超额政策(超出订单中约定的用车范围)或车辆在用车期间是否损坏。


  • For trips booked more than 30 days in advance of the trip start date, you’ll be required to pay a 20% deposit once your trip is accepted. For trips booked within 30 days or less of the trip start date, you’ll be required to pay the price in full once your trip is accepted.

    When you submit your booking, you may receive a notification from your bank about an Uber charge. Uber may apply a temporary authorization hold for the value of the fare in advance, which will appear as a pending charge in your account’s payment method. This is standard e-commerce practice to ensure the card has sufficient funds, and most importantly, it doesn’t result in a duplicate charge on your card.

    Other payment details:

    • Uber requires a valid credit card to hold and secure your booking.
    • Uber accepts most credit cards.
    • Your card will be charged for deposits and balances.
    • Optional extras are available for a fee on your Uber Charter booking, including wifi, outlets/USB ports, and alcohol consumption (all passengers must be 21 years old or older if you choose the latter option).
    • If your payment is rejected, please navigate to your account home in the Uber app or by logging in at Tap or click on Account and then Wallet to complete your unfinished payments. Your Uber Charter booking will not be processed until your payment is confirmed.
  • 要取消您的优步包车订单,请按以下步骤操作:

    • 进入优步应用并轻触“包车”图标,或在此处在线查看即将开始的行程
    • 选择要取消的订单
    • 向下滚动至行程单底部,然后选择取消行程
    • 查看取消费用(如有)
    • 确认取消行程


    • 无需支付取消费用:在距离行程开始日期 30 天前取消订单
    • 车费的 50%:在距离行程开始日期 8-29 天时取消订单
    • 全额车费:在距离行程开始日期 7 天或更短时间内取消订单


    • 进入优步应用并轻触“包车”图标,或在此处在线查看即将开始的行程
    • 选择要更改的订单
    • 根据需要完成更改(请注意:更改可能会导致订单车费增加)
    • 选择提交订单,确认您的更改


  • 请联系为您的行程指定的客服代表。您可以在优步包车主屏幕中打开订单,查找专属客服代表。客服代表的名字、电话号码以及电子邮箱地址将显示在您的预订信息中。

  • 优步包车服务由合作伙伴 SubOut 提供。请致电 844-782-6881 或访问,了解更多信息。

  • You can submit a support inquiry using the field at the bottom of this page (note: you must be logged in to your Uber account).