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Haul Together

Uber Freight is trusted worldwide by industry leaders to meet their logistics needs. We're opening new avenues for innovation and scale across the globe.

Procter & Gamble

“While Uber’s technology and platform provide a clear advantage, what really sets Uber apart is their creative mindset, deep understanding of our business needs, and focus on operational excellence.”

—Andy Butler, Associate Director, North America Transportation Purchases, P&G


“Making sure that our freight is moving correctly, on time, and at the right price is getting more complex just about every day.… Having an innovation partner is super critical. We see Uber Freight as a partner who can help us get there.”

—Paul Heffernan, Vice President, Supply Chain, LG Electronics USA


“One of our favorite features is the instant email notification we get when a load is successfully booked. It means we don’t have to take any extra steps to follow up for confirmation, and the platform gives us added visibility into where our shipments are at key points along the route. That is crucial when we have delivery deadlines to meet.”

—David Magnan, Distribution Manager, Wis-Pak

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"As we look forward, we expect Narragansett to continue to grow in complexity, and we look to expand our partnership with Uber Freight.”

— Bill Heslam, VP of Operations, Narragansett Beer

Premier Packaging

“Our loads are consistently picked up and delivered on time, and we can book, file away, and follow up on delivery day, always confident that our loads are where they need to be. Uber Freight’s transparency also allows us to make fully informed booking decisions up front. When we enter date and location information, we can see an instant quote, and the time it takes to confirm loads is cut in half.”

—Jeannine Arzillo, Customer Service Representative, Premier Packaging

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