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How to get paid

Pick how you get paid. Whether it’s a weekly bank transfer or an immediate cashout after every delivery, discover all your options to get your money your way.

Free cashouts: Uber Pro Card

If automatic cashouts are your thing, this debit card is for you

  • Automatically cash out after every delivery, free of charge
  • Get direct access to your money since deposits are immediately made to your Uber Pro Card¹
  • Forget about credit checks—the Uber Pro Card is a debit card and checking account


¹Delays can happen due to technical issues, but deposits are expected to happen in 1-5 seconds, on average.

Cashouts anytime for a small fee: Instant Pay

Need your money now? No worries

  • Cash out with Instant Pay up to 5 times per day
  • To do this, open the menu in the app and tap Earnings, then Cash out


Note: bank holidays and processing can delay deposits up to 2 business days.

Free weekly deposits: bank transfer

Like watching all your earnings pile up?

  • Link your bank account for a free scheduled payout once a week
  • To do this, open the menu in your app and tap Wallet, then Payment Method and Add bank account


Note: bank holidays and processing can delay deposits up to 3 business days.


  • 如果您要将收入转账到借记卡,可立即到账。如果要将收入存入银行账户,处理时间可能因具体银行而异。有些银行可能需要数天才能到账。

  • 所有收入都可提现,包括收入和小费。

  • 通过即时支付转账到借记卡的收入将作为“即时收入付款”项显示在每周明细中。其余的所有收入(包括您通过推荐奖励和其他奖励赚取的任何收入)都将在周末之前转入您的银行账户。

  • 您可能需要满足最低行程数量要求,且/或持续开车接单至少一段时间才能符合使用这项功能的条件。如果您不是新注册的合作车主,但收到通知告知您不符合使用即时支付功能的条件,那么可能优步正在审查您的账号。





²纽约市的派送员每天可免费使用 1 次即时支付功能。