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Exploring the Uber Central dashboard

To become more familiar with using the Uber Central dashboard and how to handle rider issues, explore the topics below.

  • Expanding the ride cards will allow you to request support, report lost items, rebook trips, and book return trips.

  • You can track a ride’s status and see the driver’s name, photo, vehicle make and model, and more from the “Today’s rides” tab of the dashboard.

  • Cancel rides from the “Today’s rides” tab of the dashboard. Canceling a ride may incur a cancellation fee.

  • Find out more about what your guest will experience with Uber Central rides in the Help Center.

  • After entering the pickup address, you can refine the location by selecting the pin and dragging it to the exact pickup spot.

  • Refer to the article below if a rider loses an item or has a different issue with a trip.

  • If you get an error saying a Scheduled Ride can’t be requested in an area, that means the area doesn’t always have a reliable number of drivers available. You’ll need to either request an on-demand Immediate Ride or create a Flexible Ride for your guest.