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Business rides and meals, streamlined

It’s the Uber you love, designed to give your business more visibility, more convenience, and an exclusive experience.

Why financial services companies use Uber for Business

Manage rides and meals easily and efficiently

Set up and keep track of late-night meals and rides home, transportation options to client meetings, daily commutes, and more with one easy-to-use platform.

Spend less time on expensing

No more chasing down receipts when every ride and meal is captured in one place. Integrations with top expensing platforms make the process even easier.

Maximize employee productivity

Rides with customizable comfort preferences and employees’ favorite meal options delivered during late-night work sessions help your people focus on getting the job done.

Unlock elite experiences for clients

Treat your clients to a 5-star ride experience with Uber Black and Uber Business Comfort trips. Unlock premium delivery opportunities, too, when you want to send your clients something special to seal key deals.




  • 84% 的客户表示可以通过我们的平台更轻松地管理支出

  • 84% 的客户表示,优步企业版让他们能更好地执行公司的差旅政策

  • 73% 的客户表示优步企业版帮助他们降低了地面交通开支


*基于 2023 年 2 月面向全球逾 275 家优步企业版客户进行的一项调查。