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Uber's Accelerated Payment Program

What is the Accelerated Payment Program?

  • If you are interested in receiving your payment before the agreed due date, our accelerated payment program offers payment of invoices with reduced payment terms (10 days), in return for a 2% payment discount rate.

How do I sign up?

  • You will need to be enrolled in the uSupplier portal. If you were on-boarded as a supplier after April 20th, 2020, you would have received an email with your temporary credentials to access the portal. If you were on-boarded before this date and did not sign-up uSupplier, please visit the uSupplier sign-up page to enroll.

  • After receiving your temporary credentials you can start managing your payment preferences through the portal.

Is this program going to be applicable for all my invoices?

  • You will have the flexibility to manage the Accelerated Payment Program (Opt-in/Opt-out) as you wish, either at the invoice level at the time of submission or directly from your Accelerated Payment preference settings.

How does it work?

  • Here’s an example: Supplier, Inc. issues a $100 invoice and opts into the Accelerated Payment Program. Invoice received, processed/approved in our systems, and when we initiate payment within the 10-day term, the discount is applied and payment of $98 is sent to the supplier.
  • Note: Payment due date is calculated from the invoice received date + payment term, regardless of the invoice date.

Have questions?

  • You can check our uSupplier Playbook for the step-by-step on how to opt-in or out of the Accelerated Payment Program.

  • For any additional assistance, please contact