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Information for driver-partners

Instrucciones para socios de la App

When driving at GRR, Learn how to receive these trip requests and get in on the action.

Consejos profesionales

  • Driver cancellations: Trip cancellations can take away from a great Uber experience that both riders and driver-partners expect. Please remember that driver-partners who improperly use the app and intentionally disrupt the service, including excessively canceling rides or asking riders to cancel rides, may lose the ability to receive trip requests to and from the airport through the Uber Driver app.
  • Ground transportation and airport security staff: Airport rules are as important as traffic rules. Airports expect driver-partners to follow the instructions of the airport staff.
  • The Uber vehicle decal (trade dress) must always be displayed on the front passenger windshield facing outward. Driver-partners can obtain this Uber decal by using the trade dress order form
Cómo iniciar viajes

Puntos de partida en el aeropuerto

It is easy to use the Uber app to receive trip requests from riders leaving the airport. However, these trips work a little differently than other requests.

In order to receive a trip request, you need to enter the designated waiting area, located next to the Cell Phone Lot. See map below.

Some things to know about the driver queue:

  • Proximity to the terminal within the lot does not create an advantage for driver-partners or move you closer to the top of the queue
  • If there are no driver-partners in the lot, trip requests will go to Uber driver-partners located off airport property based on proximity and other factors
  • You can lose your place in line if:
    • You go offline on your Uber driver app
    • You drive off airport property
    • You do not accept multiple incoming trip requests in a row
    • You cancel multiple rides (if the rider cancels, you will remain in the queue)

Picking up your rider

Once you accept a trip request, the pickup location at the airport is located in the commercial vehicle lane in front of the Terminal. To get there, keep left of the median. The designated pickup point is just past the second crosswalk. Follow the signs designating the "Rideshare" zone shown in the map below.

Cómo finalizar viajes

Cómo funcionan los pedidos de destino

Uber is a reliable option for travelers heading to the airport.

At the airport, riders can be dropped off at the Terminal. If you’d like to receive a trip request afterward, you’ll need to keep the Uber driver app on to maintain your place in the queue.

GRR waiting area & pickup map

GRR waiting area and pickup/dropoff area

Recargos de aeropuerto

Riders fees

Rideshare drivers

This airport charges a $3.15 fee for all TNC pickups and drop-offs. This fee is in addition to the $1.55 booking fee and is charged directly to the rider. Uber coordinates repayment of this fee directly to the airport.

To learn more about these fees and regulations, please reference Port Ordinance 4255 as adopted by the Board of Port Commissioners.

Commercial drivers

Commercial drivers using UberBLACK and UberSUV maintain their own airport permits. Because of this, there is no surcharge added to these premium trips.

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