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Moving Forward

Uber is headed in a new direction
A new direction

Writing Uber’s next chapter

Learn more about how we’re listening to riders and drivers, changing our company from within, and working with cities to improve transportation.

Improving the Uber experience

We’ve been listening to riders and drivers—and now we’re making changes across both apps to improve what matters most.

Changing our company and culture

With new and experienced leaders and a new set of company norms to guide us, we’re putting people first.

Supporting our cities and communities

We’re committed to being true partners to cities for the long term, and we’re proudly partnering with organizations that make a difference in our communities.

Quality rides

The only way to improve the Uber experience is by listening to you and taking action on your feedback. So we’re adding features, both large and small, that reflect your feedback, provide more driver support, and recognize quality service.


We're putting safety at the heart of everything we do. That's why we're introducing new features to give you peace of mind during your ride.

Easier Pickups

A great ride experience starts with a great pickup. Soon, we’ll roll out new features that make it easier for you and your driver to find each other, so you can get where you’re going faster.

New ways to ride

At Uber, we’re always looking for new ways to help get you on the go. That’s why we’re introducing products to help make transportation more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Corporate Change

Employees moving us forward

Our employees are working hard to move Uber forward—and we’re excited to introduce some of the friendly and talented faces who are working on behalf of riders and drivers every day.


Over the course of four years with us, Emanette has worked in two different countries and three different offices. She’s helping to move us forward by providing a unique and global point of view with her to work everyday.


Meet Meena—she’s moving us forward by providing strategic guidance on how to advocate for women around the world.


We’re proud to introduce you to Stephanie, who’s focused on promoting and advancing women in technology.