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Integrate your technology with Uber APIs

Our APIs open the door for agencies and third-party providers to cross-dispatch trips to Uber at scale within their own paratransit, microtransit or MaaS platform.

Streamline service with Uber APIs

From reducing operational costs to making tracking easier, Uber APIs have many advantages.

Request rides with Uber in your app

Allow riders and dispatchers to request rides with Uber in your mobile app or software.

Set your rules

Apply agency and eligibility rules for rides cross-dispatched to the Uber app.

Automate and save

Reduce operational costs by simplifying and streamlining internal operations with automation.

Track and report

Eliminate the need to reconcile data between separate systems, making tracking and reporting easier.

“The API integration allows us to seamlessly cross-dispatch trips to Uber within our bespoke software scheduling package and manage Valley Metro’s Ride Choice program at scale.”

Rob Turner, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, MJM Innovations

Partner with us to meet your goals

Whether you’re looking to expand mobility options or improve cost efficiencies, our APIs can help.

  • Enhance the rider experience

    Leverage Uber’s platform to reduce rider wait times and offer rescue rides when needed.

  • Lower microtransit and paratransit costs

    Improve operational efficiency and optimize your use of dedicated fleets by offloading inefficient trips to Uber.

  • Optimize capacity

    Improve on-time performance and eliminate trip denials by brokering a portion of your trips with Uber during peak times.

  • Improve service resiliency

    Help mitigate service disruptions and avoid strenuous, last-minute trip insertions, with on-demand trips with Uber.

  • Consolidate reporting

    Create National Transit Database (NTD) and program reports that include Uber trips all within one platform.


We’re here to help you manage mobility options in your community

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