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Transportation programs for higher education

With Uber Transit, colleges and universities can offer subsidized, stress-free on-demand transportation alternatives to students and faculty.

Custom student and faculty transportation programs

Transportation programs designed to meet the unique needs of college and university students and faculty.

  • Offer late-night rides

    Provide on-demand options home for students on campus during late nights.

  • Enhance campus accessibility

    Complement campus shuttle services with flexible transportation options.

  • Support commute programs

    Create Guaranteed Rides Home programs for when unexpected situations arise.

  • Encourage responsible choices

    Discourage driving under the influence by providing alternatives.

  • Connect first-mile/last-mile

    Make it easier for students to access public transportation.

  • Manage event parking

    Mitigate parking congestion during major campus events with rideshare.

  • Manage faculty/employee travel

    Efficiently provide transportation for faculty/employees and visiting scholars.


The safety of your students and faculty is our top priority

Unlock our safety features to help students and faculty feel secure when riding with Uber.

  • Driver screenings and background checks

    Every driver undergoes a comprehensive screening process, including background checks and vehicle inspections. It’s part of our commitment to help keep riders safe when they request a ride with Uber.

  • Built-in safety features in the Uber app

    Safety is at the core of the Uber experience. The Uber in-app safety toolkit offers features such as Verify My Ride, Share My Trip, and Emergency Assistance.


One place for all your student and faculty transportation programs

The user-friendly Uber platform provides powerful tools that empower you to create and manage a wide range of transportation programs.


Cover the cost or provide discounted transportation programs and distribute vouchers to your student and faculty roster.


Arrange and pay for one-off Uber rides for students, faculty, and visitors at any-time.

Billing and Insights

Manage your transportation budget, monitor your programs, and review data all in one place.

These campuses are promoting safety with Uber


Cost-effective transportation solutions for higher education

By partnering with us, you can serve a variety of transportation needs while eliminating the need for maintaining and managing your own fleet of vehicles, which could result in cost savings.

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