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Uber Rewards (U.S.) - Points Earned Abroad

Date: July 25, 2019

  • Points earned abroad add to your Level Points and Rewards Points totals. You can only use Rewards earned abroad once you return to your home country.
  • Eligible dollars spent will be converted from local currency to your home currency. Points correspond to equivalent services in your home country. (See examples)
  • Not all benefits are available.

See updated Uber Rewards - Program Terms (U.S.) and Uber Rewards - Benefit Terms (U.S.) for restrictions and details.

For example, Program Members will earn 2 Points per eligible dollar on UberX equivalents in countries where Uber operates. By further example, a "Green" trip in Romania (Bucharest) is equivalent to an UberX trip in the United States, so Program Members will earn 2 Points per eligible US-equivalent dollars in the United States on "Green" trips in Romania, just as they would earn on UberX trips in the United States. Program Members will see the point breakdown in their trip receipt. Not all rides and Uber Eats orders outside of the United States will provide opportunities to earn Points and/or the same number of Points as you would have earned in the United States ("Exceptions"). This includes, but is not limited to the list of Exceptions in the chart below:


CountryLocal Product NamePoint Earn Rates Per Eligible US Dollar Equivalent
IndiaHire Premier0 Points
EgyptBlack0 Points
UkraineBlack2 Points
FranceBusiness2 Points
PolandBlack2 Points
SwitzerlandGreen0 Points

Points may be revoked if a ride or order, for which Points were earned, is refunded. Points may be revoked where Uber believes in its discretion that Points were earned through or in connection with any fraud, abuse of the platform, or violation of Uber's U.S. User Terms of Use.