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Always wear a helmet


Need one? We are partnering with two brands to offer you discounts: $25 instant rebate and free shipping with Thousand, and 50% off helmets with Westridge Outdoors.

Brake early and gradually

Use the front brake softly. The brakes are powerful. Brake early, and brake gradually. Braking hard while riding one-handed is difficult to control and can be dangerous.

Watch for road hazards

Be on the lookout for potholes, train or trolley tracks, and puddles. When crossing a train or trolley track, remember to cross at an angle.

Cross rails carefully

Go slow when crossing rails (like train or trolley tracks). Never cross while your tires are near-parallel to the track.

Use hand signals

Use signals to help keep you and those around you safe. Raise your left hand toward the sky to signal a right turn and straight out to signal a left. Lower it to slow down.

Keep the sidewalk clear

Lock the bike parallel to the rack, so it isn't in the way of pedestrians. Make sure an Uber Bike provided by JUMP isn't locked there already. Ride on the street, never on the sidewalk.