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Uber Travel

Ready for your next getaway? Go from last-minute mess to a seamless and stress-free experience.

What is Uber Travel?

Uber Travel is a smart tool for travel that keeps you a step ahead at every stage of your journey.

Uber Travel allows you to connect your Gmail or Microsoft account to import relevant flight, hotel, car rentals, and restaurant details to automatically create a travel itinerary that puts all your trip information into a single view. Your individual bookings are organized and grouped into trips.

With this mobile itinerary, when you travel to places where we offer Uber Reserve, you can easily reserve rides to and from the airport, your hotel, or wherever you’re traveling with a few simple taps all at the same time and in one place in the app.

Reserving in advance helps take the guesswork out of your travels. You can reserve a ride up to 30 days ahead of your trip with your price presented up front as usual. If applicable to your city, you'll get 10% back in Uber Cash on each Reserve ride you book through Uber Travel - refer to your Uber app for details.

When you book Uber Reserve to pick you up from the airport, our flight-tracking feature will automatically adjust your pickup reservation time if the airline cancels or delays your flight.

UK Specific Experience

When in the UK, Uber Travel also enables the rider to search, book, and purchase train, coach (bus), and flights directly within the Uber app.

Why use Uber Travel?

One itinerary

You’ll get a single view of all flight and hotel reservations—no more digging through your email for trip details and stressing about what’s next.

Upfront pricing

You’ll receive upfront pricing and 10% back in Uber Cash on each Reserve ride you book—no more surprises when you’ve got important plans.

Time savings

Because you reserved your ride in advance of your travels, your Uber will be ready when you are—no more waiting around at the curb.

How Uber Travel works

  1. If Uber Travel is available in your city, you can find it in your Uber app and connect your Gmail, Outlook, or Hotmail account to get started.

  2. When you complete a travel-related booking (hotels and flights for now, but other bookings like home rentals and restaurants coming soon) and have the receipt sent to your registered email address, Uber will automatically create an itinerary within the app.

  3. Once your itinerary is populated, you’ll receive a notification to review your upcoming trip.

  4. While looking at your itinerary, you’ll have the option to schedule Reserve trips to and from various destinations on that itinerary.

  5. When your travel plans change, Uber Travel will automatically update your itinerary based on booking updates sent to your email.

Uber only imports travel-related bookings from your email

Uber has partnered with AwardWallet to import travel-related emails only. AwardWallet’s email-parsing API identifies travel-related emails by looking for specific data points associated with travel booking confirmations, such as airline names, airport codes, departure and arrival dates, and more. Only those emails that meet flight, hotel, car rental, and other travel-specific confirmation parameters are flagged for import to Uber. Uber does not have access to any other non-travel-related emails.

Frequently asked questions

Unlinking your email to Travel

You may remove Uber’s access to your email account at any time by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the smart itinerary experience, selecting the email you wish to remove access to, and then tapping the remove account button. Alternatively, you can remove access via your email by following these steps for Google or these steps for Outlook and Hotmail.

Uber only receives updates when your email account receives updates about changes to your travel itinerary. You are responsible for getting to your flights and hotels on time and for other changes to your schedule that may not be reflected in real time in Uber Travel.

Terms and Conditions for “Get 10% Uber Cash back on Reserve trips booked via Uber Travel”: Offer valid for users who have an Uber account, and book and complete their Uber Reserve trip. You will receive up to 10% of your trip value back in Uber Cash. Uber Cash is rounded to the nearest decimal. Uber Cash will be applied to your account within 21 days upon the completion of the Uber Reserve trip. Uber Cash will expire in 180 days from the date of issue. Uber Cash will be issued in the currency of the country where the user is normally based, and cannot be used in countries with different currencies. We may require you to add a secondary method of payment to be able to use Uber Cash. We reserve the right to modify the type of transactions for which Uber Cash can be used as a method of payment. Uber Cash is non-refundable, cannot be sold, transferred, exchanged or converted to cash. This offer is non-transferable and subject to change or withdrawal without notice at any time. Your usage of Uber Cash is subject to Uber’s General Terms, as available on, and any other additional or specific terms that Uber establishes as communicated to you.

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