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How does Uber Pool expand access?

With Uber Pool, we use technology to match riders headed in the same direction at the same time. They share the ride and the cost, providing a more affordable way to get from A to B (and C), which means more opportunities to earn for drivers.

Uber Pool, door to door

With Uber Pool, we’re continuing to innovate toward low-cost, reliable mobility and more opportunities for work. By enabling 2 or more riders to share the ride and the cost of a trip, door to door, Uber Pool provides more earning opportunities for drivers, because lower prices help generate more trips.

Waiting and walking for Pool

With Express Pool, riders are expected to wait a few minutes and walk to a nearby pickup location, so we can better match them with other riders. Better matching means more riders share the cost of a trip and everyone pays lower prices. And drivers get more demand, more direct routes, and more convenient pickups.

The goal: back-to-back trips

More time on-trip means more time earning for drivers. Imagine this: the driver picks one rider up, then picks up another, drops off the first passenger, picks up a third, drops off the second, and on and on. For as long as they choose, and as long as riders continue to request trips, drivers keep earning, uninterrupted.

Citywide benefits of shared rides

Sharing rides benefits the entire community. Lower costs can make transportation more accessible, and fewer single-passenger trips can help lead to less congestion on our roads over time. Every day, sharing rides on Uber Pool saves one million miles versus the same number of rides on UberX. That's 2 trips to the moon and back!

Some of the features described on this page do not apply or are not available in California and in markets outside of the US. As we work to improve the marketplace, we may test functionality and pricing in ways not described on this page.