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A better way of working

Supporting drivers and delivery people around the world to help them realize their ambitions.

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, it was the drivers and delivery people who, quite literally, kept the world moving. And as many of us were advised to stay home and minimize social contact, their role was crucial in helping us get the items we needed or get to the essential places where we needed to go.

Never has it been more clear than during the pandemic that drivers and delivery people are essential to the fabric of cities and communities. They are not only getting riders, food, and packages from A to B—they’re also having an impact on people’s lives. They might have taken the time to listen to a rider who’d had a bad day or stopped at the garden gate during a food delivery for a much-needed chat with an elderly resident.

This is why our CEO has stated that gig workers deserve better. It’s why we’ve announced a Better Deal for those in Europe. It’s why we partner with universities to provide free degree programs, such as those with ASU and the Open University. And it’s why we do as much as we can to support drivers and delivery people to help them realize their ambitions around the world.

Driving an equitable transition to electric vehicles

Beyond our Uber Green product and our 2040 zero-emission pledge, we are working with EVNoire and GRID Alternatives in the US to develop pilot programs that ensure that drivers of color and from marginalized communities can access electric vehicles.

Offering drivers and delivery people financial literacy programs

To enable drivers and delivery people to succeed, we develop programs to help improve their finances and prepare them for the future of work. Across Central and South America, we launched Avanza in partnership with the IFC. In Kenya, we developed the Navigate program with AMI. And we are working with Operation HOPE on a similar initiative in the US.

Providing business skills and opportunities on and off the road

Many drivers and delivery people join our platform who are entrepreneurs themselves. In the UK, we work with Enterprise Nation to run a Business Builder program, providing training and up to £10,000 in grant funding toward new business ideas. In South Africa, we support Lularides to train young people from marginalized backgrounds to ride motorbikes so they can join the Uber Eats platform.

As part of our ambition to make movement equal for all, we are committed to making positive opportunities for drivers and delivery people around the world.

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Our commitments

Making movement equal for all.

Black businesses matter

Supporting Black businesses around the world.

Thanking all drivers and delivery people

Thousands of drivers and delivery people continued to move what matters during the pandemic.