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Safety management system

Our product must be best in class and trusted by millions of riders around the world. In a committed effort to earn that trust, all aerial operations will be conducted in accordance with Elevate’s safety management system (SMS). An SMS is a systematic approach to managing safety, implemented by airlines and others to proactively manage operational risks. Although not required by U.S. regulations, Uber Elevate and our Uber Air partners will voluntarily implement SMS in accordance with federal and international standards, leveraging best practices and lessons learned from the aviation industry.

Voluntary safety programs

Going beyond regulatory requirements, Uber is developing a suite of voluntary safety programs to enhance the effectiveness of our SMS and to enable comprehensive analysis of important safety trends. Included will be innovative processes that enable the capture and analysis of data recorded from aircraft and other systems, as well as information regarding safety issues reported by operational personnel. Through this data-driven approach, Uber and our partners will monitor safety performance and use the information to safely expand Uber Air operations.

Our vision is to create a safety management system (SMS) that will effectively control operational safety risk associated with Uber Air’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle operations. At a high level, the Uber Air SMS will be established on the following principles: