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Rent a TLC car

Vehicle Solutions
If you don't have an TLC-approved vehicle, you can rent one to use. We've partnered with dealerships to help get you on the road as quickly and affordably as possible.
For a limited time

$800 towards your TLC vehicle rental¹

Offer available until January 21 only:

  • All vehicles have TLC plates and insurance included in the price
  • Weekly pricing that includes insurance and payment for the vehicle
  • Once your insurance is approved, you can start driving within hours
  • You must get your vehicle from a participating dealer: Buggy TLC Rentals, American Lease, Fast Track Leasing, or Tower Auto Mall

Talk to a car dealer

Speak with one of our partner dealerships to learn more about your vehicle options.

Affordable TLC car rentals

Start earning right away

Get up $400/week in credit

  • Complete 65 NYC trips a week and we'll credit your account $400 for your first two weeks
  • You must get your vehicle from a participating dealer listed below
  • If you start between Monday-Wednesday, the $400/week offer will start that same week
  • If you start Thurs-Sun, the $400/week offer will start the following Monday (your first full week)

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