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Great service deserves to be rewarded. Riders and Uber Eats customers have the option to tip right from the app after each trip or delivery.

It’s easy to receive tips directly through the Driver app.

Zero service fees applied, always.

Cash out tips and earnings anytime with Instant Pay.

How it works

As soon as tipping becomes available in your city, you’ll be notified in your Driver app and by email. To start accepting tips from riders: 1) update or download the latest version of the Driver app, 2) close and restart your app, 3) tap Accept Tips.

Riders have the option to add a tip when rating a completed trip.

Riders can easily choose from preset tip amounts.

Or riders can select a custom tip amount.

You can see the exact tip amount for each trip in the trip details.

View all your tips in your trip history.

You can see total tips in your weekly summary. Tips can be cashed out at any time using Instant Pay, just like your other earnings.

After a trip has ended, riders have 30 days to add a tip. When you go online, you’ll see any new tips you received since the last time you opened the Driver app.

Frequently asked questions